Two Feathers Crew

Jodi McMeans


Hi there! 

I’m Jodi, the proud owner of this wee establishment.  ‘Boss Lady!!’...Words I never thought I’d say!  But I say this with the greatest of gratitude!! My ‘yoga journey’, so to speak, has not been a long one, but it will lead me for the rest of my life. 

I started my journey In 2016, where I flew my butt to Jamaica and received my 200YTT. I returned home and immediately began teaching at the very studio I now own. 

2017 is when Two Feathers Yoga took form, and from there it’s been one hell of a ride!!  Together, as a community, we’ve made this space available to all, no discretion, no judgement, just a safe, positive space for all who are interested to join us!  

Along this journey of mine, I have already learned so much about myself, the good, the bad, & the ugly.  But gosh have I grown, in ways I never thought imaginable!! Let us help you find ‘You’! 



Joelle Pilaprat

Her mission is to empower people through the practice of Yoga as they make the deep connection between breath and movement. Her intention is to focus on their inner and outer growth. She loves seeing how yoga can bring powerful shifts in someone’s life. To her, Yoga is meditation in movement : being present as one flows through asanas inhaling and exhaling.

She took her first Yoga class 11 years ago and fell in love. She realized that while paying close attention to her instructor’s cues, to her own breath and to her physical form, she was in the moment during the whole class. A most valuable experience of which she wanted more .  So she went back again and again , thus her journey began thanks to some amazing teachers. She honours and respects their love for Yoga . They most definitely inspired her and supported her to get her Yoga Teachers Training certificate in 2016. They were instrumental in finding the type of yoga she likes to teach at this time, always staying open to other possibilities.

She teaches a strong flow which includes downdogs , planks and cobras/updogs. Proper alignment is extremely important to her not only to avoid injuries but to express the pose in all its beauty. Each class is different in its sequence yet the same in its challenge and power.

She is warm and caring and has a strong French accent !She is there to guide you through your practice respecting that you are the one who knows best what your body needs.


Lise Dracup

The journey on my mat began in 2007 and I instantly fell in love with everything Yoga!  The health benefits of the practice both physical & emotional mirror each other in every way.  Yoga provides strength, stability, balance, focus, confidence & an overall wellbeing.  I chose to become an instructor & completed my 300hr YTT in spring 2013.  My goal is to simply provide a safe place to breathe, stretch, to create length & strength.  I lead my classes in a mindful way that will provide options to rest or, to challenge ourselves to take flight in fun arm balancing asana’ s.   Come join me in unwinding completely or, finding play time on our mats!  

My Mantra…”Breathe it all in… it all out”


Allyson Cutrara

Allyson has a true passion when it comes to yoga because of the way it supports both our physical  and mental wellbeing.  She appreciates being a part of the Two Feathers Yoga family and community and looks forward to see you on your mat!--

Lori Shank
Hello! My name is Lori Shank, and I am a forever student, as I truly believe at each practice we learn something new about ourselves.  I have been practising yoga for 14 years and teaching for eight years my styles  of yoga are the following  Hatha, Restorative and yin.  In some classes I use healing vibrational methods in either swinging chimes or chakra crystal singing bowls.  So join me on your Mat to stretch, move your body &  cool down for relaxation. Leave the class feeling energized, refreshed and grounded to guide you through the rest of your day!
Namaste, Lori
Rob Brubacher
Rob has been practicing yoga for about 10 years in various yoga communities within his family and abroad and just recently made the jump to become a teacher. After getting his 200hr Yoga Certification with the Sivananda Yoga Organization he is enthusiastic to bring the practice of yoga into others lives. Through his teacher training he learned the philosophy and theory behind a healthy yogic lifestyle and the practice and discipline required to see the benefits in his own and others lives. This rigorous training was based around passing teachings from guru to student that can be traced back to the 5th century. He believes that through practice on the mat these teachings can be brought forward into any situation, benefiting all facets of life.
kim thompson

Kim Thompson

My journey into the world of yoga started about 10 years ago. I was feeling the burn out of a stressed out mother of two working full-time in a very busy job trying to keep it all afloat. Yoga allowed me time and space to work on myself, to take a pause, to heal and strength. To me the practice of yoga is a gift.

After many years of practice I wanted to be able to share this gift so I took my 200hr YTT with the Alanna Kaivalya yoga method training program. I'm excited to be teaching at such an amazing studio. It has such an open accepting and accessable vibe.
My goal as a teacher is for everyone to feel welcome and capable in class and benefit the same way I have from practice. Finding balance and personal growth on the mat.
When I'm not teaching I love to spend time outside, hiking, gardening and hanging out with my dog Marley.

Mandy Pisarek


Fitness for Mandy is not just an important addition to life, but an absolute requirement. Her passion for fitness and exercise started in her early teens and eventually turned into a Career during her single and child-free years, during which time she pursued and certified as a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pre-& Post Natal Fitness Trainer and Spin Instructor.

After marriage and kids her career moved into a different direction, and she currently works beside her husband as the Director of Operations for their Technology Consulting Company.

Even though she is no longer involved in the fitness industry on a daily basis, the passion and desire to keep up her physical fitness training has not waned and Mandy has selected SPINNING as her primary fitness focus.
The physical and mental benefits of Spinning are beyond impressive, as participants can get a complete body workout – including building muscle mass and burning up to 600 Calories – in an average 45 minutes class. Few other exercise routines can offer those kinds of results.

By creating the perfect mix of  awesome music with effective and technical Spinning moves, Mandy loves to introduce, teach and ignite the same level of passion for Spinning in her students.